Welcome to the Eva Jo blog!!

I wasn't going to start a blog to accompany my company. I really wasn't. So why did I?

Answer A: I just felt like between school, building a business, and family, I had too much free time. Ummmmm no.

Answer B: There's a lot going on up there (my brain) and in here (my heart) and I REALLY want to share. Yes!

So here's a collection of things I learn and things I love. 

Eva Jo, what do you hope to achieve with this blog?

Excellent question.

1) When I decided to make Eva Jo a reality, I knew I wanted every piece of the company to be a reflection of... me. Call me vain, but I wanted it to feel geniune. I almost named the company Stephanie Santistevan-Swett.
That's a joke - that's a terrible name for a company. I want this blog to give you, friends/family/readers/followers/beloved customers, a glimpse into what makes me tick, and consequently what this company is really made of.

2) I believe very strongly that the best way to find TRUE LASTING JOY is to learn, grow, think, experience, and DISCOVER. Always. I try my best to seek after those things, and if I can share what I find, by golly I'll do it! I hope you find joy in the things that bring me joy.

So enjoy, my friends. Cheers to us, and let's romp!