Today for Why Eva Jo Wednesday (#WEJWednesday) I'm talking about how our rompers are MADE IN U.S.A!. Cue the world's cutest puppy wearing an American flag bandana (sure he's my puppy but I'm not biased. he's the cutest):

Full disclosure: I don't always buy Made in U.S.A products, and that's really ok with me. So why is it important to me that our rompers are Made in U.S.A.? Allow me to explain.

When I was a little younger, I didn't care where my clothes came from, or who made them, or what kind of cheap fabric they were made of. As long as they were CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, I was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

It must be my age or wisdom or both, but my attitudes have changed on the matter. It still doesn't matter to me WHERE my clothes are made - I fully support a global economy - instead it matters HOW they are made. I want to know that my clothes are being made by people who are being treated and paid fairly. 

When I started Eva Jo, I had to make sure our clothes were being made ethically. This could have been done internationally, but I didn't feel like now was the right time to spend a few weeks touring international factories to check their conditions. I mean, I have to go to class! But I could (and did) fly to LA, see a long list of factories, and choose the best one for our company. I met the workers and feel really good about how our product is being made. 

So when I say I'm proud that Eva Jo rompers are made in the U.S.A., I don't mean that a product MUST be made here to be quality. I don't believe that. 

What I DO mean is that all of our designs are created by yours truly. Our products are made in a place I've been by people I've met. And I think that's something pretty special :)