Kickstarter Launch Party

I've had a lot of people ask me how the much-anticipated Kickstarter Launch Party went last week.
Here's you answer.
(spoiler alert - it went GREAT!)

Party prep! Everyone busted their tushes to get ready.
Thank heavens I had such a hard-working staff... I mean, family!

Eric built the dance floor with his bare hands.

I made my wonderful helpers sit through a pre-party Team Meeting.
Some were not amused, but they are so patient with me :)

The welcoming room!

The amazing food table that my talented sister put together! Donuts, brownies, and candy - my dream menu.

I fo sho got my sugar romp on.

Giveaway time!
Apparently this is my "excited to draw a name" face.

So happy that darling Janey won the raffle!
She wore her romper home and it looked perfect.

Testing out the photo booth. It works!

Selfie stick and props were a hit!

The "hold up a romper" station turned into a "try on a romper" station, and I was thrilled.
We got some gorgeous ladies sporting their rompers!

Floral twins! 

This is Eva, after whom I named Eva Jo Rompers.
We twinned.

This beauty is due in 6 weeks! Can you say maternity friendly?

Baby sis and her roomies all looked gorge.

Best friends forever. Actually though. We all met in middle school and even though I moved away, they still love and support me!

The best party planners/helpers I could have ever asked for! THANK YOU mama and sissies!

And last the best of all the game, my amazing fam that came out to support.
They hugged me and said they were proud of me, and it meant the world.
Talk about luckiest girl alive :)

All in all, the night was unforgettable. I think the greatest thing that came out of it was seeing women of all different ages, heights, and sizes try on our rompers and fall in love. I'm not exaggerating when I say that everyone looked like such a showstopper. 

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to party, and to everyone who partied with us in spirit!

I'm feeling a Party Round 2 in Durham...