Nerds Day Thursday - Giveaway style

First of all, is Nerds Day Thursday a thing or did I invent it? Doesn't matter. It's happening. Who doesn't want an excuse to nerd out once a week? Or in my case, nerd out every day but save PUBLIC nerding out for once a week. Let today, and every Thursday, be henceforth known as #NerdsDayThursday.

Yet another step taken in my secret plan to overthrow #PostHalfNakedPicsFromAnOldVacationThursday

I mean... #ThrowbackThursday :)

This week I have been super nerding out about... MY GIVEAWAY!! I posted it Tuesday on insta. If you haven't entered, go enter. Right now.
(Click this pic and it will open a new window)

Eva Jo, what is nerdy about a giveaway?

Excellent question. The answer, my friends, is STATISTICS! On Sunday when the giveaway ends, I will create a spreadsheet with all the entrants, each represented the number of times they entered (by tagging people, liking us on fb, etc). I will then use a random number generator to identify the winner! But wait - I'm not even at the fun part yet.

After the winner has been selected, I'll conduct an analysis on whether the number of entries did in fact improve the winner's odds! Did the winner submit one entry? 30 entries? ONE HUNDRED ENTRIES? Better yet, how many entries did non-winners (there are no losers) submit?

I'm going to find the mean. The median. The range. And I. CAN'T. WAIT.

If you don't get a giant butterfly in your stomach when thinking about excel spreadsheets, then I'm boring you. So I will make like a birthday present and wrap it up.

But know this, my friends: this giveaway is methodologically sound.

So do yourself a favor and go enter a hundred times - you'll probably win :)