For this week's favorite 5, I am sharing MY TOP 5 FAVORITE PODCASTS.

Lately I have been turning to podcasts a lot... for self help, business help, relationship help, you name it. Although I love me a good murder mystery podcast, these ones really stand out as my go-to's for motivation:

BETTER THAN HAPPY (Previously  Bold New Mom): Jody used to be my life coach and I cannot say enough great things about her! This podcast is life changing. She hits so many different topics, and gives you the tools to create your happiest life. Although a lot of her first episodes are about being a wife and mom (neither of which I am), she teaches principles that everybody can relate to, including relationships, diet, money, anxiety, etc. 

Don't-Miss Episodes:

Ep 61 Creation and Consumption
Ep 81- It's Not About You
Ep 131- Your Future Self

THE GOAL DIGGER PODCAST. I love everything Jenna puts out into the world. She is just a ray of sunshine! (I love following her on Insta, too) I listen mostly for business help (everything from branding, and social media to interviews with power women), but she also always ties in loving yourself, following your passions, and being the best YOU you can be. 

Don't-Miss Episodes:

Ep 59 Why You Need a Brand Not a Business
Ep 131 5 Big Lies That Are Holding You Back

Bonus 09: 5 Mindset Shifts To Take You To the Next Level

SHE DID IT HER WAY: Another one of my favorite business podcasts. One of the factors of success is being able to learn from others, right? This podcast interviews some absolutely incredible women that have built successful businesses. I get to pick up some tips and tricks for my own business, while also learning fun facts and history about some amazing companies. 

Don't-Miss Episodes:

177 How to Build a Supportive Tribe and Why It is Important to Have One
196 How to Shift Your Energy to Change Your Reality
235 Learn to Follow Your Intuition as a Business Owner

AFFIRMATION POD. For the days you just need a little breather. I do my own mantra meditation and have never been a huge fan of listening to affirmation... until this. She has the most soothing voice and I can always find affirmations for whatever I need that day. It's just a great reminder to breathe and love yourself. 

Don't-Miss Episodes:

Ep 108 Progressive Relaxation for a Great Night's Sleep
Ep 123 When You're About to Freak Out and Lose It

Ep 134 I Approve of Myself and I Will Love and Care for Myself

BY THE BOOK. This one is hilarious (although be warned they have very... colorful language haha). These two gals review a self-help book each episode, and then they try to live it for 2 weeks and report back. Even if I don't have time to listen to their reviews afterward, I love the summary of the books at the beginning of each episode. It helps me discover new self-help books that I want to read, and I still learn things from the ones I don't. 

Don't-Miss Episodes:

What To Say When You Talk To Yourself
The Miracle Morning
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

What are your favorite podcasts?? Leave it in the comments or email me at haley@evajorompers.com

Enjoy, all!