The biggest perk to the social media craze around us is our chance to connect with new people, and share stories, experiences, and ideas. One of the gems that I have always followed, and that has supported Eva Jo since the very beginning, is the amazingly talented Kortni Niccoli, the creater of Kortni Jeane! She was kind enough to answer a few questions giving us insight to her business career, her family life, and some MAJOR  inspo! Check it out: 



"There were so many careers I had set my eyes on but none being a swimsuit designer running her own show! Kortni Jeane was definitely a hobby that was fun side-gig. I took a swimsuit class in high-school and actually didn’t like it but started making swimsuits for family + friends, then started an Etsy shop. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Fashion Design + Business Management, I had a lot of job opportunities I was choosing between. It was a hard decision, but with so many orders knocking on my Etsy door, and much encouragement from my family and friends I was convinced that I needed to make Kortni Jeane more than just a hobby. I moved home to my parent’s basement, put all my savings into my first production run through a factory I had created a relationship with while living in LA, and put my education to work!


Here is a little bit about why I started Kortni Jeane. No matter when the last time you put a swimsuit on, I wanted to create a swimmer that every person, no matter their body type, feels comfortable and confident in! Established in 2014, I launched Kortni Jeane in hopes of bringing you swimmers that represent your personality without having to pay for a custom suit. 

We are here to help you create a suit that is unique to you and your personality. No worries about matching your buddies at the pool party, out on the lake, or wherever your suit takes you. With unlimited options to mix n' match you can create a suit that is perfect for you and your body type!"


"What can I say, work is life. haha! My husband always teases me I need some hobbies cause he has so many and I just choose to work. I love Kortni Jeane and all it entails and want to make it the best I can so I can't help myself but work whenever I can!

We are expecting our first little one this coming October and we couldn't be more excited! That has taught me to rest a little more and prepare for a little one to join us. My husband and I both run our own companies so we take time with each other wherever we can. Something we've done since we got married was to ensure we always eat dinner together. Whether its late at night, take out in the office or a real lets go out date night we MAKE the time for one another. I love to do anything with water, surprise, so summer is my favorite time of the year. I love boating on the lake and hanging at the pool! And there is nothing like traveling, I love experiencing and seeing the world."


"Time management and routine. When I plan out my day it just goes so much smoother. Not to say things don't change constantly but when I think/plan ahead I am able to accomplish more and be present in the moment in whatever I am doing."


"Family. I love my husband dearly and is one of the only breaks I give myself when working my buns off. I often want to give up and quit (yep it ain't as nice as it may seem from the outside) so in those times I just gotta do something selfish! Taking care of yourself and treating yourself is so important!"



"Balance just really isn’t a thing. That’s what you were looking for right??

I don’t think anyone will ever reach ideal “balance”, but I think we can remember to use our time wisely and live in the moment! So here are some tips and a few pointers I try to keep in mind when work and personal life get a lil crazy. BE PRESENT wherever you are and in whatever you are doing. The main key to this whole “balancing” act is to choose to be present where you are. When I am at work I give my all into work. When I am on a date with my husband I put all my attention into him. When I get together with family and/or friends I make sure I am enjoying that time.

Celebrate your victories! It is human nature to think we are never enough.  It is easy to get caught up in always trying to be better, achieving new goals, and working harder + smarter. We often skip on the achievements and stepping stones we’ve reached because “we can do better”. We should all remember to take a step back to celebrate our victories, big or small! Make sure to move to your body! Exercise is a big stress reducer and often the first thing to go when we don’t feel we have the time. Just like we have to eat, drink, and sleep, we also need to exercise. Not only will your body thank you but your mind will too! Making time for exercising will allow you to accomplish more in your day. Finally, go slow and steady! Don’t let all these tips overwhelm you! Start by making small minor changes and slowly build from there. Finding what works for you may differ from me and others. The point is to find what makes you feel more whole, so take it one step at a time till you find your “balance”.



"Work hard, play hard!

Whats the point if you don't celebrate your victories, big or small!

Starting and running your own business is FREAKING HARD. Yes it is rewarding, yes I wouldn’t have it any other way, but you have got to be willing to work your butt off. Although you will most likely be working long days and into the nights - when you find yourself a moment to play, take full advantage! My dad is the smartest, most committed, hard working guy out there, truth. But he always, a l w a y s, ALWAYS made time for family and FUN. Because weekends could get overly busy even after a full work week, my dad would MAKE the time to spend as a family. Whether that would be taking us out of school to go ski in the middle of the week or a night in making homemade pizza and dancing to oldies, he made it happen. He took the time to make those memories when he could. We often get caught up in the conventional ways of life or feeling guilty to not be working, but remind yourself what is really important in life and prioritize. You’ll never have “enough” time so make the time!"


"Being your own boss is great, but it ain’t easy. 

“Entrepreneurs are the only people willing to work 80 hour weeks

so someday they don’t have to work 40 hour weeks.” 

I love this quote because it couldn’t ring more true to me and my experience of being an entrepreneur. When starting your own business you think how awesome it will be to be your own boss, call your own shots and not work for “the man” but be “the man” (or in my case, “the woman”). If you’re considering starting your own gig, take note of these 5 insights (blog post here), before you make your decision!

1. There's no such thing as a day off.

2. The reality of hiring help

3. There's no secret formula to a work/life balance

4. It's not personal it's business

5. Networking is your best friend



"I believe unicorns are real.

 I could eat Mexican food for every meal.

Cookie dough cannot be beat in the sweets department.

Glitter + confetti are always a good idea."


"I have seen so many girls, including my sister, have a hard time in high school. With the influence of social media these days I feel like the teenage years are extra hard and extra scary. For over a year I have been wanting to start a program where girls could come together and interact with one another without the distraction of technology, judgment and influence of others, and be themselves, discover themselves and make lasting relationships. A place where they could feel comfortable in their own skin and true friends to rely on.

So we started our Girls Club that meets every other Tuesday! We all know high school can be a rough place. Figuring out who we are, who we want to be and how we will achieve it can be tough, so why do it alone?! The Kortni Jeane girl is comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t compare or judge but rather embraces who she is and MAKES IT WORK. 

The Kortni Jeane Girls Club is all about enjoying the journey and finding what makes us happy. Think workshops, guest speakers, new friends! Together we will figure out this thing called life, make lasting friendships and having a blast while we are doing it!

To every girl out there
You are enough.
Embrace it.
Love it.

For more information here is a link to the Girl's Club Facebook page. Please feel free to email us at "