5 Reasons You Need a Romper For Your Pregnancy

I have always said that rompers are for everyone. Whether you are young, old, tall, short, size 0 or size 16. But now let's dive into another category for all you mamas! 

Here are 5 reasons you need a romper for your pregnancy:

Gorgeous maternity photos from @jjwaldram

Gorgeous maternity photos from @jjwaldram

Rompers are... 

1. COMFY- It's already hard enough to convince yourself to put on pants, but especially when you are pregnant! If the last thing you want when feeling large and in charge is to squeeze into a pair of jeans... don't do it. Our Eva Jo exclusive rompers are made of a modal/spandex fabric that is just the SOFTEST. You will feel like you are wearing pajamas in public, and that it's acceptable!

2. NURSING FRIENDLY- This means you can wear your romper post-pregnancy too! (Highly recommend.) Whether you pick the v-neck, cross-over, or crew neck (don't worry, there's snaps on the shoulder), all styles have been tried and tested, and are a thumbs up for nursing. That's one less maternity outfit that you won't get any use out of after.

3. VERSATILE- On the days when I don't wear rompers, this is usually how it goes: Wearing pajamas at home. Put on jeans to run errands. Come home and immediately put on leggings. Put jeans back on for a dinner out. Come home and put pajamas back on.

Um hi, it's exhausting! Nobody should have to deal with this, especially not our sweet pregnant gals. Instead of changing your outfit throughout the day, wear a romper! You can wear it to run kids to school, grocery shopping, to the couch for a nap, and date night. (or just stay home all day... no judgement.)

4. STRETCHY- Don't be worried about getting new clothes for each growing month. Your romper will stretch with your baby bump! Whether you are newly pregnant or about to pop, there is enough give in each romper to ensure maximum comfort. Even if that's just your food baby showing, the adjustable drawstring will give you as little or as much space as you need. 

5. MACHINE WASHABLEThis is also helpful for post-baby! Spit up? No problem. Nursing disaster? No biggie. Just toss it in the wash and lay it out to dry. 

If you are going to be pregnant one day, currently pregnant, or have already been pregnant, these rompers are perfect for YOU! Don't fall into the negative thinking, "This will be cute after I'm done being pregnant." I promise, it will be cute now! 

So moral of the story - friends don't let pregnant friends wear jeans.

If you have worn a romper and have pictures to share, send them to us at haley@evajorompers.com or tag us @evajorompers. HAPPY ROMPING, FRIENDS!

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