Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm short/tall/have a booty. Can I pull off a romper?

A: Stop it. YES!! Pulling off a romper is about 1) getting the right size, and 2) confidence. So check out our size guide, and then GET. IT. GIRL.

Q: I'm pregnant/nursing. Can I wear a romper?

A: You betcha! Lots of our rompers have ties or drawstrings at the waist (no elastic), so you can wear them with or without a baby belly and tie them however you you want! Our cross-over v-neck rompers are perfect for nursing mamas. 

Q: Do you make petites, talls, or plus sizes?

A: Not yet, but we want EVERY shape and size to romp with us.

Our EJ Exclusive rompers come with a longer pant leg than most, so tall women are ready to go and shorter ladies (ahem, me) can rock a darling rolled pant leg or heels or both (if you look for it, you can see that my pant leg is rolled in all the pics).  

Q: What are your rompers made of? 

A: Our solid Eva Jo rompers are made of a modal/spandex knit and the prints are rayon/spandex. I love these fabric combos because they stretch, they drape, and they wash up nicely. So you can bend, jump, swing, or swag, and your romper will stay looking mighty fine. For other items, check the specific product page.

Q: Any care suggestions?

A: All Eva Jo Exclusive rompers can be machine washed (cold) and laid flat to dry. For all other items, check the inside tag for care instructions. 

Q: Why the name Eva Jo?

A: Eva is my grandma and Joseph is my grandpa. They are two of the most fun, genuine, loving people I have ever had the pleasure to know. I always feel so proud when I talk about them. I want my company to be like Eva and Jo - fun, genuine, and loving. And I want to give you a piece of clothing that makes you feel that way.